The Develop Awards is one of our favourite dates on the annual calendar. It always seems so far away… until it’s not… and before you know it it’s time for Brighton… and you suddenly realise that it’s half way through the year. So you pack your overnight bags, book your hotel, and look forward to one of your favourite nights of the year. It’s a milestone for summer. When the sun isn’t certain but a great evening in the Hilton is. And we’ve seen a lot of success at the Develop Awards in our history. After winning the category for Best QA and Localisation the previous two years (our third win in our history), we weren’t sure what our chances were for the hat-trick. The evening started with the typical free beers, catch-up conversations with familiar faces, checking table numbers, and usual speculation over the to-be-winners. After much consumption and wild rock-paper-scissors competition our category was up. Nominations were read. The nerves kicked in. Our bellies did little flips of excitement and hope. And then…. “the winner is… TESTOLOGY”. And we cheered and hugged and slapped hands. It was our third acknowledgement in a row and it felt so good. The hard work, energy, and passion everyone associated with Testology has put in over the past 12 months justified, in one moment, through peer recognition. The competition in the QA category is always super fierce. There’s an incredible amount of talent in QA at the moment. There’s a lot of businesses doing some great things to ensure quality of the products our industry releases. It’s a good moment for testing. Congratulations to all of those awesome companies.


Beyond the above, and the award, we’d like to thank our clients for their special loyalty. We love what we do. We love the relationships we share with our clients. Testology strives to be more than a testing company. It’s a service and a place for support. It’s a place for friendship. We value our testers, managers, and clients so very highly and thank them all for enjoying the journey and giving their time, business, and subsequent friendships.


Thanks to the sponsors and Develop for putting on another memorable night. Enjoy the pics and media from the night.


Please see the full list of winners here: