At Testology we have proven in the past that we’re quite capable game developers as can be seen with the creative games that we made for Ludum Dare 35.

This weekend we are bringing the game jam to us, and holding the first ever Testology office game jam!


You don’t have to search far and wide on the floors of Testology to find a humble tester with extracurricular activities of the game creation kind! Whether its audio design, 3D modelling, coding or straight up art skills, our testers have so many varied skills we thought it was about time we put them all together to see what we can make in a short amount of time.


This Friday, after the devices are put away, the consoles are turned off and the PCs are shut down we’ll get our creative juices flowing and try and make the best darn games imaginable in the space of 24 hours!!


Some of the testers in our midst are seasoned jammers, others have dabbled here and there, and some just want to see what they can make in 24 hours, whatever happens, they better not have any bugs in them!!