Testology is built on a foundation of fun and games, underscoring a passion for being the best.

The games we love come in all shapes and sizes, formats and flavours.

Between 9am and 6pm on a weekday, we mainly concern ourselves with finding bugs in the digital kind. Last week was a little different though, when the most athletic of us tested their football skills against the rest of the games industry.

Special Effect run their Soccer Fives tournament every year, all in the name of levelling the playing field for gamers with disabilities.

After a few mega match-ups with the best the industry has to offer, we were proud to take home the 1st place trophy for the second year in a row.

Surely we can’t take the trophy home next year too…

Make sure you sign up for the 2018 tournament to challenge our sporting ego.

We took the opportunity to present Special Effect with a cheque for £1703.45 – Raised by Guildford’s games industry via our networking event, Guild For Developers.