We testers don’t simply like to test games to death! In fact, you don’t have to search far and wide on the floors of Testology to find a humble tester with extracurricular activities of the game creation kind!

That’s right, we break games and some of us even make games too.

So this weekend a few Testologers plucked up the courage to make a game by themselves for the 35th Ludum Dare. Game Jams aren’t a particularly new adventure for some of the testers in our midst; some are seasoned jammers and others are simply interested in seeing exactly what they can do in a weekend!

With most game jams, you don’t simply make what you want. For Ludum Dare, for example, a theme is picked at 2am GMT which every game must adhere to in some way or another. For the jam we took part in, the theme was Shapeshift… here are the games that became a reality this weekend:



1-in-4 frogs are princes

Charlotte Woolley informs us that its a proven fact. The question is; will you actually succeed in finding a prince hidden amongst all of the frogs in one little girl’s back garden? Made in Game Maker Studio, it is available: Here





Transforming Robots count as a form of Shapeshifting right?

Yes they do! Michael Cole’s fun shooter is full of all the particle effects you need for a good shooter! He has now realised his true path in life, which is to make a proper shmup! Made in Unity, it is available: Here




The Shapeshifter of Castle Really Quite Likely

Ewan Cowhig Croft’s choose your own adventure style game is based on an evil biologist that has to deal with an intruder. Not only does it contain over 5k words, it’s just as strangely twisted as some of the humour you’ll find in our office! Made with ChoiceScript, it is available: Here





There’s one thing that’s for sure… after you understand the process behind making a game, you unearth new ways to push them to their limits! Probably because you’ll find plenty of bugs during their creation and explore the ways to fix them… or, cover them up so nobody notices… but don’t tell anyone.