I’ve been working with Andy and his team for over a decade, throughout my career spanning time at Lionhead, EA and now at CrowdStar. There’s simply no-one else I’d turn to for reliability, speed, flexibility, insight and honest feedback. Whether that’s the bug count or the quality of your game. Testology delivers.
We used Testology Ltd at the end of Fable 2 and found them to be a highly competent and well trained bug finding team who were able to hit the ground running and deliver a very professional service.
Testology were our first choice for testing Blue Toad Murder Files and we were impressed by their professionalism, flexibility, bug finding and reporting. Their years of industry experience certainly show in the high level of their work, and it’s reassuring to know that your software is being diligently tested and analysed by a team that obviously takes pride in what it does.

We recently worked with Testology on a project for Activision and have nothing but praise for the work these guys did for us. The communication was top class from start to end, with everyone involved on the project maintaining this standard. Getting daily reports from the lead tester gave
me a very quick overview of our projects progress and its state without the need to trawl through Devtrack! Testology certainly come highly recommended and we will be working with them again on more projects in the near future.

We’ve been delighted with the work that Testology has carried out for us so far- they have been efficient, well organised, and their communication is superb with regular reports and feedback. I’d highly recommend them; they
are definitely the best external QA provider I’ve worked with.

I have worked with Andy on many AAA games over the years and I regard him as the most professional QA manager I have ever encountered. How he manages to maintain enthusiasm and diligence after playing the same level for the thousandth time is beyond my understanding. And the chances of bugs getting past his eagle eye is pretty much impossible, as the odd sloppy coder has learnt.

Andy has turned this staggering attention to detail to the management side of QA, too. He runs the tightest, most efficient testing team the industry is likely to see. How? It’s because he has the knack of picking colleagues who have the same high level of quality, ability and commitment he does, and he trains them well and works them hard.

Most of all, though, Andy PLAYS games a lot, and apart from finding bugs and so on, the eye-opener for me was the suggestions and ideas he comes up with for enhancing various gameplay mechanics. This is another reason Andy has been a key ingredient in the making of so many memorable hit games.

During my 11 years of working in games industry QA, spanning across multiple Developers and Publishers, I have worked with many QA Outsourcers. Testology stand head and shoulders above all of the QA Outsourcers I have worked with before, the levels of productivity and professionalism they showed throughout the project was excellent. Testology are clearly streets ahead of everyone!

Other QA Outsourcers I have worked with in the past have actually added to our workloads but Testology have been absolute superstars! The dedication, commitment, drive and enthusiasm Testology have shown on this project, from start to finish, has been top draw. I seriously could not have asked for more!

I’d also like to give a ‘nod of the hat’ to Testology’s general flexibility too; it is one of the main reasons we got through the multiple submissions smoothly and successfully. Having this flexibility in place so we could move all QA focus and manpower onto 1 platform, or 1 area of the game (e.g.: Online), at the drop of a hat was absolutely essential. During the final submission push, some of the Testology QA Teams worked on-site at FreeStyleGames. This proved to be a master stroke and again, ensured that we hit our submission targets on time. The progress made during these final weeks whilst having Testology QA on-site was superb and it is a real credit to the quality and quantity of work Testology QA conducted when working on-site at FreeStyleGames.

Everyone at FreeStyleGames (QA, Dev-Team, Audio, Production etc) has commented on the difference it made having Testology on-site and the impressive general quality of Testology’s testing and communication when both working on-site at FSG and at Testology HQ!

Testology QA also played a huge part in helping us achieve 1st time submission approvals for some of the PS3/XB360 territories. So a huuuuugggggge thank you for a truly fantastic job on DJ Hero! Look forward to working with you guys again in the future!

Andy has been a significant part of the success of Lionhead and Bullfrog. His team’s high performance standards and their ability to rise to the challenges and complexities of our games have been priceless over the years. It’s been their excellent feedback that has brought us most success. Andy has always impressed me with his honesty on gameplay feedback, backing up his findings and providing possible avenues to explore using the output from his team.

Andy’s experience in running testing has resulted in strong processes and procedures for running multiple projects. He has grown two test departments from scratch into our most efficient departments at Lionhead and Bullfrog. His testing teams have never been compromised and Andy has a strict hiring procedure for scaling his testing teams.

Their impressive bug find rate, gameplay feedback and Andy’s dependability are just some of the reasons why Andy and his test department have been so respected at Bullfrog and Lionhead.

Testology were invaluable to us making The Room for iOS and Android. Their approach to QA is exactly what we’d want it to be; flexible, diligent and intelligent, which they combine with a huge range of devices and a great knowledge of the target platforms. They contributed hugely to the successful and smooth release of The Room, and I’d recommend them without hesitation.
Testology provides flexible and high quality testing that fits perfectly with Rumble’s online, cross-platform game portfolio. Most importantly, the Testology team knows and loves games, so they really understand our products and can see through the eyes of our most demanding players. We are pushing the envelope on technology and design, so we needed a trusted partner to help ensure both browser and mobile game quality. It is rare, but Testology does it all.
Testology are one of our most valuable partners for delivering high quality games. They have worked very hard at meeting our needs which has at times been very late notice. Their team are organised, articulate and very experienced in a wide range of platforms and, as Hutch expands, we will be working closely with them for the foreseeable future.
Great team, fantastic work! Quick, dynamic and flexible. All we need as a game developer or publisher.


Testology has been a partner of Massive Media for several years now & they have enabled us to focus on building good products while they take care of the stability testing. They are very flexible in their way of working and always willing to improve where possible. Communication is very easy and they fit very well in our agile methodology. They take care of setting up test plans, adapting them to changes of the product, executing structured testing and doing destructive testing.

We currently have Testology testing 3 release candidates every week (for both Twoo and Stepout) and on top of that there is also ad hoc testing of new builds of our mobile and desktop apps. Testology is taking care of testing all the platforms our product are available on: web, mobile web, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows Desktop and Mac Desktop. They have a vast array of devices and the experience needed to cover all these clients.

In short: we love the flexible and professional way of working with Testology as our trusted partner for ensuring the quality of our products.

amBX have been working with Testology for nearly three years and we are extremely happy with the work they have done for us. They have tested both PC and embedded software and hardware for us. Reliable, high quality
testing with excellent flexibility are the hallmarks of the Testology team.

Shipping the majority of our regression testing to Testology is a natural part of our development cycle and helps us to stay committed to the bi-weekly and three week release cycles we run. Short test phases are a must for us, and with the help of Testology, we can push the majority of regression testing into a single day for every release. This keeps our internal QA resources committed to technical testing and development. For the tests we send to Testology, we receive a ping on IM from the Testology team stating that ‘we are up and running’ and that’s all there is to it: test dashboards update themselves and a report is sent at the end of the day.

The fact that Testology has their own ‘Videoplaza Crew’ and a top notch lead (James) gives us confidence every time we ship tests for execution: the same testers are used for every test phase; testers recognize the test cases and already understand our complex ad management system. OK, occasionally we need to do some babysitting but that is usually due to us providing an incomplete or incorrect test case or working with a test environment that is not ‘behaving’: great for us as it forces us to shape up and constantly improve on our side.

All in all we are very satisfied with our Testology relationship: they give us flexibility and scalability when we need more resources; the process works well; bug reports are of top quality and with continual improvements on both sides, we will have a full self-going regression test execution.

We initially set out to use Testology Ltd to test our amBX software for compatibility with PC games, but it became clear very quickly that Andy’s team provide much more than just a testing service.

Because of their years of experience, playing and testing games, we now also use Testology Ltd to provide us with qualitative feedback in addition to straight forward testing and trust their subjective judgement. I would recommend Testology Ltd to anyone in the business of providing quality product to the gaming consumer.

Testology have played a significant role in helping restructure the QA process at AMV. Always on hand to ensure we have everything we need and all bases are covered, they are a highly valued partner. When working on large or small projects Testology ensure that the testing process is well planned and carried out smoothly. They have access to high quality resource and welcome challenging briefs with open arms. The whole team have a wealth of experience, are 100% reliable, and always a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend.


I was looking for a company to outsource most of our mobile QA and of course there are a lot that offer these services. After many calls with different studios there was only one that stood out of the crowd due to the fact that they were asking me the right questions. These questions that you can only come up with when you have the right experience and work on a certain level of professionalism.

Up until today I haven’t rued my decision as Testology has proven themselves to be the partner I was looking for: A direct and easy way of communication and well trained testers providing professional bug reports and also the expected experience in the area.

Testology have been a great partner to us, helping us ramp up the internal test team whenever the need arises. Working from our offices, the quality of their work has been excellent, and all their testers are extremely professional, knowledgeable and quick to adapt to new processes and software products. Testology offers us the flexibility we were looking for.
NBuster approached Testology Ltd to test our real-time 3D virtual horseracing game, Harino. NBuster found Testology Ltd to be professional and reliable but friendly. The testers provided worked tirelessly and provided great feedback to improve our game. We were very impressed with the level of bugs reported and the final report was impressive too.