Andy Robson through the years…

We now live in an era where everything is immortalised online. There’s no escape from the permanence of a video or picture from yesteryear. We’ve been able to track down some wonderful examples of the past reemerging online many years later. The content is super interesting and worth a read. The hair is voluminous. Check [...]

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Apple – Best of 2014

The end of any year brings with it the potential for reflection. Typically, this reflection can be intrinsic or personal to oneself. However, we see our client base as family and we feel beaming pride when we see the products and studios we’ve supported over year achieve recognition and success. Apple recently released their “Best [...]

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Now in its 5th year, Apps World has grown to be the leading event in the app industry. Following on from the success of the 2013 show, this year’s ExCeL event is set to be the biggest yet with over 300 exhibitors and over 12,000+ attendees across the app ecosystem. We’ll be there on Thursday [...]

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Testology have had a great year. We've settled into our new office and, without doubt, it feels like home. Our growth has continued to exceed our expectations, and we've a family of wonderful clients. We've won awards. We've won football tournaments. And we've had a great time doing all of these things. 2014 really has [...]

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Here at Testology, we really love to spend as much time as possible playing games and feigning social interaction. This means, instead of playing Destiny with each other over PSN – which has been the reality of most of our collective existences – we play Destiny in the same room at the Testology bat cave. [...]

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As you may or may not know, Testology were the proud recipients of a Develop award a few months ago. From the not so distant, memorable evening we acquired a lovely little trophy, a group hangover, and Andy was down one BMW – he still doesn't have his car back! Now, thanks to the lovely [...]

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Gamescom 2014

Last week Testology ventured to the wonderful Cologne to experience Gamescom 2014. Firstly, it must be remembered that this was our first Gamescom experience. We’d heard that the consumers went nuts for the show but nothing could have prepared us for the gaming hysteria of the “entertainment area”. For the record, the hustle, bustle, and [...]

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The Testology Culture

It's difficult to pin point and define a culture/environment - so, salivating at the thought of a challenge, we decided to try. The creative industries, generally, have an incredibly unique appreciation of culture and working environments. There's an emphasis on freedom of thought, individuality, and comfortability that makes an 8am weekday alarm something to look [...]

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We are always looking for testing contractors to join the ranks of the Testology Gods! If you have a passion for video games, digital products, and mobile applications - and breaking stuff!!! – get in touch through our JOBS page. We are holding interviews for talented individuals who would like to be considered for our [...]

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Pokémon X or Y? X Y? Because I knew everyone else would buy Y. How many hours have you clocked up on Pokémon on your 3DS? Around 100 hours, haven’t played since the tourney though. How does it feel to be Testology Pokémon Champion and would you describe Pokémon champion-dom as your destiny? It feels [...]

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In our opinion, there are far too few opportunities to thank the people that believe in our service as much as we do. Our clients share our passion for quality that fills each and every one of their products. Collaboratively, we work towards a release that has the consumer going wild for an exquisitely polished [...]

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After winning the award for “Services” in 2010, we keep an excited watch on our inboxes for the yearly nominee announcements for the Develop Awards. 2014 sees the introduction of a new category, “QA & Localisation”. Now, this particular category befits our God-given testing panache more exactly than the previous, more general, category of “Services” [...]

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We would all like to think of ourselves as good Human Beings who contribute selflessly to the betterment and well-being of our species and, less generally, our immediate society. However, it takes much commitment, grit, and determination to actively pursue this charitable sentiment. Jackie Redmond is no ordinary accountant. Not only is she a Testologer, [...]

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Football is one of those sports that can arouse both division and camaraderie. FIFA is one of those games that can arouse competitiveness and high-pitched yelps of elation. FIFA + football = a divisive competition that reminds us of victories we’ve won and friendships we’ve lost. It’s a terribly emotional thing. So, we thought, with [...]

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Re-developing our website marked a transition from the past to the present. Time has brought with it a slow transformation of identity that we wanted to reflect through our online presence. Although games are our lifeblood, that nerdy essence that screams for a gamified existence, we are not now defined by games alone. Websites, applications, [...]

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