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Now in its 5th year, Apps World has grown to be the leading event in the app industry. Following on from the success of the 2013 show, this year’s ExCeL event is set to be the biggest yet with over 300 exhibitors and over 12,000+ attendees across the app ecosystem. We’ll be there on Thursday [...]

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Testology have had a great year. We've settled into our new office and, without doubt, it feels like home. Our growth has continued to exceed our expectations, and we've a family of wonderful clients. We've won awards. We've won football tournaments. And we've had a great time doing all of these things. 2014 really has [...]

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So, in our last blog we referenced the second coming of the Testology games night. Within this piece of web literature, we referenced the nervousness emanating from the prospective Destiny raid that was planned. The raid was attempted twice. The raid was successfully completed twice! And in truly boastful fashion, the 6 gentlemen clicked and [...]

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Here at Testology, we really love to spend as much time as possible playing games and feigning social interaction. This means, instead of playing Destiny with each other over PSN – which has been the reality of most of our collective existences – we play Destiny in the same room at the Testology bat cave. [...]

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As you may or may not know, Testology were the proud recipients of a Develop award a few months ago. From the not so distant, memorable evening we acquired a lovely little trophy, a group hangover, and Andy was down one BMW – he still doesn't have his car back! Now, thanks to the lovely [...]

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Gamescom 2014

Last week Testology ventured to the wonderful Cologne to experience Gamescom 2014. Firstly, it must be remembered that this was our first Gamescom experience. We’d heard that the consumers went nuts for the show but nothing could have prepared us for the gaming hysteria of the “entertainment area”. For the record, the hustle, bustle, and [...]

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Thom’s Beard

He came from nowhere, far beyond the hills that spilled beyond the world of technology, devices, mathematics, and digital experiences. His world was his beard and his work was the trees. He lumbered from dusk till dawn and repeated the cycle stopping only to wash and oil his precious face beast. He rejoiced in his [...]

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Testology at Gamescom

Testology’s first Gamescom is fast approaching! Gamescom is a huge event in the games industry calendar, and we are super excited to be part of it. Set in the beautiful backdrop that Cologne’s skyline provides, we will be looking to meet fascinating people who share our love of games. When you think that last year [...]

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Develop Awards 2014 – Testology voted best QA firm!

For the second time in our young history, Testology were voted the best QA firm in the video games industry at the Develop Awards 2014! We are extremely proud of this achievement and even more proud of our wonderful staff and contractors. What a grand group of people we work with ☺ The evening was [...]

July 11th, 2014|Events, Social|1 Comment

The Mesmerist – An evening of Develop revelry

Tuesday evening, which now seems like an eternity ago, saw us host our drinks mixer at the very cool Mesmerist in Brighton. Along with Jagex and Codemasters, we wanted to put on an event that brought like-minded-fun-seekers together in a place where the beer flowed! The bar was eccentrically perfect for the games industry, and [...]

July 11th, 2014|Events|1 Comment

The Testology Culture

It's difficult to pin point and define a culture/environment - so, salivating at the thought of a challenge, we decided to try. The creative industries, generally, have an incredibly unique appreciation of culture and working environments. There's an emphasis on freedom of thought, individuality, and comfortability that makes an 8am weekday alarm something to look [...]

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Testology at Develop 2014

Develop Brighton is an annual note on the calendar. It's an opportunity for both business and play in a great environment. The Hilton is a familiar backdrop for meetings, and awards; where existing friends reminisce on the year past, and new relationships are born through mutual requirements. Testology will be in Brighton on Tuesday 8th [...]

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Develop Drinks Mixer

On Tuesday 8th July, in association with Codemasters and Jagex, Testology are hosting a drinks mixer in Brighton to support another exciting year at Develop. As well as being nominated at the annual Develop awards, we felt it our social duty to contribute a memorable evening of drinks and celebration at The Mesmerist, 1-5 Prince [...]

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MCV 5s – Get in there!

The World Cup was marred with characteristically English underperformance. We came, we saw, we went home again without a win or a hint of glory. When the Testology Forest (don’t ask…) team ventured to Barnet on a sunny Tuesday afternoon, we were determined to outdo the England lads’ results. Granted, it was the MCV 5s [...]

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There might well have been a feverish excitement for the World Cup. There might well have been speculation and rumour with regards to starting lineups and the potential impact of warmer climes. However, there’s a bigger tournament on the horizon that promises drama on a scale the footballing world has never before seen – MCV [...]

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